Monday, July 11, 2011

Songbird by Angela Fristoe Book Tour: Character Tweets

 Here is a series of tweets between Dani (DSongbird), Reece (BoardR), Colin (ColinD), Jenn (JennDaBomb), and Tyler (TyBoy) during a turning point in the story.

DSongbird: just download best song evr! Thanks @RMan

BoardR: Know u lik the #vfemmes

JennDaBomb: @DSongbird we r going to mall 2morrow! gurlz day!

BoardR: @DSongbird U skipping!?

TyBoy: @BoardR @DSongbird @JennDaBomb she be poppin the big v!

DSongbird: @TyBoy disgusting

JennDaBomb: @TyBoy may be datelss for #Homecoming

TyBoy: @JennDaBomb u know Im just playin

DSongbird: bank drained but I'm loving the look

JennDaBomb: @DSongbird Girl can't w8t 2 c u!

TyBoy: RT Missing the game #homecoming sucks So tru @BoardR

JennDaBomb: @TyBoy @BoardR Hello

TyBoy: #Homecoming is the best :D

JennDaBomb: #Homecoming = Amazeballs
(Retweeted by @TyBoy @DSongbird and others)

DSongbird: #amwriting 4 1st time in ages

ColinD: @DSongbird Dani, I really need to talk to you about what happened between us. I know that it seemed like I was trying to hurt you, but I don't think you remember what really wen

DSongbird: leave me alone @ColinD

JennDaBomb: @ColinD tweet idiot no essays

JennDaBomb: Who is he @DSongbird

DSongbird: @JennDaBomb no one

TyBoy: where'd @BoardR go?

BoardR: Call me plez @DSongbird

JennDaBomb: @BoardR is @DSongbird sick?

JennDaBomb: @DSongbird girl, whr r u?

BoardR: did u unfollow me? @DSongbird

BoardR: Im sorry @DSongbird

BoardR: need 2 talk 2 you @DSongbird

ColinD: #takeahint @BoardR

BoardR: @ColinD screw off

DSongbird: @BoardR stop it

BoardR: @DSongbird me but not @ColinD

DSongbird: @BoardR plez just stop

BoardR: Sorry @DSongbird

BoardR: luv u 4evr @DSongbird

DSongbird: RT nothing is 4evr

More about Angela Fristoe and Songbird:

Angela Fristoe is a debut novelist with Little Prince Publishing and is gearing up for the release of her first YA Romance, Songbird. She was the winner, and double finalist, in the Romance category of The Strongest Start Contest 2010 hosted by The Next Big Writer. When not writing, she teaches and spends time with her family.

ebook $2.99
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ISBN: 978-0615470491

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