Saturday, December 31, 2011

In My Mailbox (45) Last One of 2011!

So this is my last IMM of 2011! Can you believe how fast the year went???!! And this IMM is quite a big one, what with Christmas and my birthday. =) Angela, the lovely lady behind Reading Angel, surprised me with 2 ginormous boxes of books for my birthday!!!! Angela, I love you. I really do. =) Loretta, Vy, and Lauren also got me some great books for Christmas. You guys are all awesome!!!! Thank you. =D So, here is what I got from bloggers:

From Angela:
Wild Roses by Deb Caletti
The Queen of Everything by Deb Caletti
Honey, Baby, Sweetheart by Deb Caletti
The Six Rules of Maybe by Deb Caletti
Amy and Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson
Dash and Lily's Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan
Vicious Circle by Linda Robertson
Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle
Not that Kind of Girl by Siobhan Vivian

From Loretta:
Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta

From Vy:
The Secret Life of Prince Charming by Deb Caletti

From Lauren:
Arcadia Awakens by Kai Meyer
Glimmerglass by Jenna Black

Now my awesome parents also got me books for Christmas. =)

From my Mom and Dad:
Torn by Erica O'Rourke
The Probability of Miracles by Wendy Wunder
Babe in Boyland by Jody Gehrman
Reckoning by Lili St. Crow
Ripple by Mandy Hubbard

Now onto review books that I have gotten in the past few weeks! =)

From Macmillan:
Of Poseidon by Anna Banks
Struck by Jennifer Bosworth
52 Reasons to Hate My Father by Jessica Brody
Holding On To Zoe by George Ella Lyon
The Raft by S.A. Bodeen
Monstrous Beauty by Elizabeth Fama

From Penguin:
The Catastrophic History of You and Me by Jess Rothenberg

From Little, Brown:
The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith
Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler and Maira Kalman

What did you get in your mailboxes?

Friday, December 30, 2011

Don't Breathe a Word: Joy Character Interview


Hey guys! The lovely author of Don't Breathe a Word, Holly Cupala is stopping by for a character interview with Joy. Enjoy! ;)

Thanks to Bailey for inviting me to IB Book Blogging, and hello to readers—I hope you enjoy DON’T BREATHE A WORD, which releases on January 3rd!

Joy runs away from home for secret reasons to find herself on the streets of Seattle, where she meets up with a group of homeless teens with secrets of their own. They teach her how to survive, but more importantly, they teach her about the meaning of family and love.

Bailey invited Joy to answer a few questions, so without further ado, here is Joy:

Do you have any comments about abusive relationships?

I think the biggest thing I discovered through my relationship with Asher and then finding friends in unexpected places was that abusive relationships aren’t just about physical abuse—abuse can be verbal, emotional, and psychological. If you sense you are in a relationship that hurts you or demeans you, listen to that inner voice. Tell a friend, get help. I discovered my words had power, and so do yours.
Even living on the streets, your "family" still makes time to read. What is your favorite book?
SPEAK by Laurie Halse Anderson. Funny, that’s sort of what I learned to do.

Was it hard living off of food that vendors and stores had thrown away?
Yes! But I was amazed how much is thrown away. A lot of cafes and restaurants in Seattle give food at the end of the day to homeless shelters and many people give to Northwest Harvest and other food banks, but still it isn’t enough to feed everybody in need.

When you first ran away, did you consider what would happen if you had a severe asthma attack? Would you have been willing to go to a hospital to save your life, even if it meant giving yourself away?
I guess if you have a life-threatening illness, you have to be pretty desperate to put your own life in danger and not even think about it. I didn’t think about it. All I thought about was getting away in the only way I could imagine.

In relation to Santos' ferret, would you prefer a ferret or a dog?
I’m still kind of a dog girl, even though I really loved Santos’s ferret. After the grocery store incident, I’m not so sure I would get one as a pet. O.o

Follow the tour at Teen Book Scene for all kinds of chances to win books and swag—Creed’s bucket list is over at Just Another Book Addict, and Cynthia gives her take on DBAW at A Blog About Nothing.
Thank you, Bailey, for inviting Joy to your blog, and I hope your readers love DON’T BREATHE A WORD!


Every day of the tour, there will be a copy of DON'T BREATHE A WORD up for grabs. There will be one international winner drawn per week, assuming an international person is drawn.  But if you win and you are international, it will come from the Book Depository while the US/Canadian winners will get a signed copy shipped from Holly Cupala herself.

One book will be given away per day and the winners will be drawn weekly. The points DO accumulate, meaning entries put in for week one are still going to count for the drawings in weeks 2 and 3.

How the entries work:
*There is one automatic entry
*For every post you comment on, it is one entry. 
*You will have to link to the blog post you commented on.
*There is an extra entry if you tweet, facebook, do a blog post or somehow include on their blog. It is one for each of these, but only 1 per type (you can't tweet every day and get points for it... its just one tweet).
*You need to fill out the form EACH time you do something to enter. If there is no link, the entry does not count (beyond the first initial entry, that you can just enter to win from)
The final drawing will held Sunday, January 15, and will include all entries through midnight CST Sat, Jan 14.
Enter HERE.

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Review: Hallowed by Cynthia Hand

January 17, 2012
Harper Teen

For months part-angel Clara Gardner trained to face the raging forest fire from her visions and rescue the alluring and mysterious Christian Prescott from the blaze. But nothing could prepare her for the fateful decisions she would be forced to make that day, or the startling revelation that her purpose—the task she was put on earth to accomplish—is not as straightforward as she thought. Now, torn between her increasingly complicated feelings for Christian and her love for her boyfriend, Tucker, Clara struggles to make sense of what she was supposed to do the day of the fire. And, as she is drawn further into the world of part angels and the growing conflict between White Wings and Black Wings, Clara learns of the terrifying new reality that she must face: Someone close to her will die in a matter of months. With her future uncertain, the only thing Clara knows for sure is that the fire was just the beginning.

My Review:
HALLOWED is a fast-paced and well thought out follow up to Hand's first novel in the series, UNEARTHLY. All of our favorite characters are back, including the dashing cowboy Tucker and enigmatic Christian who has some unfinished business with Clara. Danger lurks in every corner of the novel, ready to jump out and surprise you! And yes, there is even a heart-breaking death that changes everything for Clara. You are sure in for a great time with HALLOWED, but be sure to have tissues at hand.

Clara has her hands full in HALLOWED, and I am so glad that I am not in her shoes, even though it would be cool to have a little angel in me. Her family life is unstable at best right now, and the whole Christian thing makes things so much more complicated for her and Tucker. I really felt for everything that Clara has to go through and I am hoping for more happy things in the next book in the series.

The boys are just at scrumptious as ever! I adore Tucker and love how he makes Clara feel. Clara needs a little bit of normalcy in her life. But then there is Christian, who I started to fall for in this one. There are so many things that link him and Clara together that can't be ignored and make for a shaky romantic life for Clara.

There isn't as much action in HALLOWED as there was in UNEARTHLY, but that is understandable considering the circumstances Clary is dealt with. What the novel lacks in action is made up for with the secrets that are revealed to Clary. It was so nice to finally have some loose ends tied up, even if they lead to more unanswered questions.

I am saddened yet at the same time happy by what occurred in HALLOWED. Clara's story is only just beginning and I am excited to see what is in store for her in her future.

My Rating:

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Top Ten of 2011

Hey guys! I've been seeing bloggers top ten books of 2011 pop up so I decided to join them and share with you my ten favorite books of 2011. It was incredibly hard to narrow down the list since 2011 has been an awesome year of YA book!! I'm not going to list these books in any particular order because I honestly don't think I could rank the awesomeness of these books. ;) Well, let's get started!

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

Words cannot describe my utter and undying love for this book. The characters come to life off the pages and I feel like I know the infamous Mara Dyer. I would definitely love to be in her place, if only for Noah. ;) If you haven't read this book, you are so missing out!

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

Oh, Stephanie, how you know how to draw readers in with your stories! I love love love everything about this book: the cover, the characters (ahem, Cricket), and the enchanting story line. If only this wasn't a standalone! I need more!!

Divergent by Veronica Roth
Dystopians have been popping up all over the place this year, but Divergent is one of my favorites! Full of action, excitement, and budding romance, it is the perfect YA read! And of course, there is Four. *sigh*

Enclave by Ann Aguirre 

Yet another wonderful dystopian of 2011! This is one of the darker dystopians that I read this year, but it still comes out as one of my favorites. Everything comes to life and I cannot get over this one still!!!!!

Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

One of the few straggler YAs of 2011, Every Other Day may barely be a 2011 release but it still makes my Top Ten list!! I love each and everything about this novel and I am amazed at all of the lore that Barnes included.

Shift by Jeri Smith-Ready

The sequel to Shade, Shift packs quite a punch! This is one of my favorite follow ups to a first book in a series. I find that book two is usually much slower than book one and I was pleasantly surprised but what Smith-Ready doled out!! Aura, Zach, and Logan are some of my favorite characters in YA.

Hourglass by Myra McEntire

Unlike any YA novel I have read before, Hourglass sure is one of my favorites! I wasn't expecting anything in this book and the love triangle that blossomed is a toughie! I am so glad I took a chance on this one.

Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep
Everything that Estep writes is beyond amazing so it is no surprise that it is in my Top Ten. Full of fascinating mythology and hot guys galore, Touch of Frost is awesome!! I am going to have to include Kiss of Frost, the sequel along with this one since they are one and the same for me. =) Love this series!

Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally

My thoughts after finishing this one were not at all complete. I was stunned by the sheer amazingness of this one! I was expecting your average contemporary novel, but what I got was so much more than that. Jordan is one of my favorite heroines and the guys in this one are scrumptious! I love this one sooooooo much!

Shattered Souls by Mary Lindsey

Last but certainly not least is Shattered Souls!!!! You have just got to read this if you haven't. All I really want to do is hug and cuddle this book to death!! The cover is beyond gorgeous and the storyline is haunting and compelling. There's also a super cute dog (and guy of course)!

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Giveaway: Love & Leftovers and The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers

In honor of today's book releases, I am giving away my ARCs of Love & Leftovers by Sarah Tregay and The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers by Lynn Weingarten. This giveaway is US only and will last until Tuesday January 3rd at 12:01 AM. Tweet about the giveaway for an extra entry.

Fill out the form HERE to enter. 

The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers by Lynn Weingarten

When her boyfriend breaks up with her on the first day of sophomore year, Lucy has no idea how she’s going to make it through homeroom, let alone the rest of her life. Enter three stunning girls with a magical offer Lucy can’t refuse. All she has to do is get a guy to fall in love with her in the next seven days, and then…break his heart and collect one of his brokenhearted tears. As the girls teach Lucy how to hook a guy (with the help of a little magic), she quickly discovers how far she is willing to go—and who she is willing to cross—to get what she wants.

Fans of Lauren Myracle, Jodi Lynn Anderson, and Meg Cabot will love this tale of breakups, friendship, new crushes, and magic. Told with wit and charm, The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers is sure to be one of this winter’s most irresistible reads!

Love & Leftovers by Sarah Tregay

Marcie has been dragged away from home for the summer—from Idaho to a family summerhouse in New Hampshire. She’s left behind her friends, a group of freaks and geeks called the Leftovers, including her emo-rocker boyfriend, and her father.

By the time Labor Day rolls around, Marcie suspects this “summer vacation” has become permanent. She has to start at a new school, and there she leaves behind her Leftover status when a cute boy brings her breakfast and a new romance heats up. But understanding love, especially when you’ve watched your parents’ affections end, is elusive. What does it feel like, really? Can you even know it until you’ve lost it?

Love & Leftovers is a beautifully written story of one girl’s journey navigating family, friends, and love, and a compelling and sexy read that teens will gobble up whole.

New YA Book Releases: December 27, 2011

The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers by Lynn Weingarten
Harper Teen

When her boyfriend breaks up with her on the first day of sophomore year, Lucy has no idea how she’s going to make it through homeroom, let alone the rest of her life. Enter three stunning girls with a magical offer Lucy can’t refuse. All she has to do is get a guy to fall in love with her in the next seven days, and then…break his heart and collect one of his brokenhearted tears. As the girls teach Lucy how to hook a guy (with the help of a little magic), she quickly discovers how far she is willing to go—and who she is willing to cross—to get what she wants.

Fans of Lauren Myracle, Jodi Lynn Anderson, and Meg Cabot will love this tale of breakups, friendship, new crushes, and magic. Told with wit and charm, The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers is sure to be one of this winter’s most irresistible reads!

Kiss Crush Collide by Christina Meredith
Harper Teen

Leah has the life most high school girls would kill for—popularity, glowing grades, a rich, athletic boyfriend. So why does she feel like she can’t breathe? And why can’t she stop thinking about the boy from the country club? The one who isn’t her boyfriend, the one that her mother would never, ever approve of, the one that her perfect older sisters would never, ever look at twice. The one who is always looking back at her. Irresistible attraction, smoldering glances, the bad boy and the good girl—Kiss Crush Collide has everything that a steamy forbidden romance should, and then some.

With graceful and honest writing and an electric love story, this is a book about growing into your own skin. For fans of Perfect Chemistry, Sarah Dessen, and John Green.

Love & Leftovers by Sarah Tregay
Harper Teen

Marcie has been dragged away from home for the summer—from Idaho to a family summerhouse in New Hampshire. She’s left behind her friends, a group of freaks and geeks called the Leftovers, including her emo-rocker boyfriend, and her father.

By the time Labor Day rolls around, Marcie suspects this “summer vacation” has become permanent. She has to start at a new school, and there she leaves behind her Leftover status when a cute boy brings her breakfast and a new romance heats up. But understanding love, especially when you’ve watched your parents’ affections end, is elusive. What does it feel like, really? Can you even know it until you’ve lost it?

Love & Leftovers is a beautifully written story of one girl’s journey navigating family, friends, and love, and a compelling and sexy read that teens will gobble up whole.

Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler
Little, Brown

I'm telling you why we broke up, Ed. I'm writing it in this letter, the whole truth of why it happened.

Min Green and Ed Slaterton are breaking up, so Min is writing Ed a letter and giving him a box. Inside the box is why they broke up. Two bottle caps, a movie ticket, a folded note, a box of matches, a protractor, books, a toy truck, a pair of ugly earrings, a comb from a motel room, and every other item collected over the course of a giddy, intimate, heartbreaking relationship. Item after item is illustrated and accounted for, and then the box, like a girlfriend, will be dumped.

Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Every other day, Kali D'Angelo is a normal sixteen-year-old girl. She goes to public high school. She attends pep rallies. She's human.

And then every day in between . . .She's something else entirely.

Though she still looks like herself, every twenty-four hours predatory instincts take over and Kali becomes a feared demon-hunter with the undeniable urge to hunt, trap, and kill zombies, hellhounds, and other supernatural creatures. Kali has no idea why she is the way she is, but she gives in to instinct anyway. Even though the government considers it environmental terrorism.

When Kali notices a mark on the lower back of a popular girl at school, she knows instantly that the girl is marked for death by one of these creatures. Kali has twenty-four hours to save her and, unfortunately, she'll have to do it as a human. With the help of a few new friends, Kali takes a risk that her human body might not survive. . .and learns the secrets of her mysterious condition in the process.

Magic of the Moonlight by Ellen Schreiber
Harper Teen

Celeste has more to worry about than a secret romance with a hot guy from the wrong side of town. That guy, Brandon, is a werewolf. With gossip and hostility swirling at school, it’s time to find a cure for his nocturnal condition, and perhaps the one person who can help is his scientist father. But what if a “cure” makes things worse and Brandon becomes a werewolf full time? And with rumors circulating that there are werewolves in Legend’s Run, is it possible that there is another among their classmates?

To keep Brandon’s secret safe, Celeste must hide her relationship with him from her best friends, but with the Moonlight Ball approaching, she must make a choice. Her dream is to go with her one true love—Brandon. But once the sun goes down, the clouds separate, and the full moon appears, could she really walk into the dance on the arm of a werewolf?

In this installment of the sumptuously romantic Full Moon series, Celeste faces her fears and her friends and finds out whether she’s strong enough to stand up for herself and her one true love.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Review: Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi
January 3, 2012

Exiled from her comfortable home, Aria knows her chances of surviving in the outer wasteland – called the Death Shop – are slim. Violent energy storms can strike suddenly, and even the very air she breathes might kill her. Then Aria meets an Outsider named Perry. He’s wild, dangerous – a savage. He’s also her only hope.

Because Aria alone holds the key to his redemption, Perry needs her, too. Their unlikely alliance will determine the fate of all who live under the never sky.

Debut author Veronica Rossi is accumulating fans from all over the globe—the book has already sold to more than twenty countries. It’s not surprising that foreign rights for this title have been flying off the shelf. It’s a tantalizing romance in any language.

My Review:
UNDER THE NEVER SKY is one of the best books that I have ever read. No, this is not an exaggeration. UNDER THE NEVER SKY is so beautifully crafted, with characters that come to life right off the pages. The world it is set in is like nothing I have ever experienced before. It is different, dangerous, yet frighteningly gorgeous at the same time. Honestly, nothing I say will do this book justice. You are just going to have to pick it up yourself to understand what I am talking about!

Aria is the beautiful, strong, and terrified girl who finds herself in a terrible place filled with so-called Savages that she has heard stories about. Her plan to find out what happened to her mother went horribly wrong, and she is torn away from her Pod, cast out into a land that scares her to death. Her chance encounter with Perry, the boy who saved her, enables her to stay alive long enough. She is determined to find her mother, but she also has to help Perry find his nephew Talon, a boy whose disappearance she plays a part in.

Perry is one of the Savages that Aria has heard all about her entire life. But he is nothing like what she has been told. He is fierce and bound and determined to find his nephew who he loves with all his heart. He has some serious issues involving his family, and he appears to be lost. When he finds Aria again, he is absolutely furious. He blames her for what happened to his nephew and is only letting her tag along in order to find out what happened to Talon.

Throughout UNDER THE NEVER SKY, Rossi peals back layers from both Perry and Aria that reveals their true selves to each other. Their time with each other is at first forced and angry, but as they fight to survive together, something beautiful and unexpected blossoms between them. My heart fluttered for them as they slowly recognized their feelings! It made me so emotional because you would never expect something like that to happen, based on their first encounter with each other. Rossi knows how to do a romance right!

UNDER THE NEVER SKY is one of those amazing books that I will have to re-read over and over again. Rossi has a bestseller on her hands, that's for sure! You will not want to miss out on this one.

My Rating:

Friday, December 23, 2011

Review: The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

October 18, 2011

It happens at the start of every November: the Scorpio Races. Riders attempt to keep hold of their water horses long enough to make it to the finish line. Some riders live. Others die.

At age nineteen, Sean Kendrick is the returning champion. He is a young man of few words, and if he has any fears, he keeps them buried deep, where no one else can see them.

Puck Connolly is different. She never meant to ride in the Scorpio Races. But fate hasn’t given her much of a chance. So she enters the competition — the first girl ever to do so. She is in no way prepared for what is going to happen.

My Review:
Dark and deadly, THE SCORPIO RACES will sock and awe you and leave you panting for more. It doesn't skimp on the violence and terrifying details, and while it did get to me at times, I went with it. The capall uisce are not your average horse--they are water horses and killing is in their nature. I am very thankful that they don't exist in our world! I think I would be more worried about them than sharks if I was swimming in the ocean!

Puck's life is in shambles. She and her two brothers Gabe and Finn were orphaned when their parents were killed by the deadly capall uisce. They are barely getting by and their family ties begin to crumble when Gabe announces his leave to the mainland. Desperate to keep him with her longer, Puck announces her participation in the Scorpio Races, hoping it will change his mind. She isn't at all prepared for what the Races have in store for her.

Sean has just as tough a life as Puck. His father was also killed by the capall uisce and he is left to fend for himself in the world. The Scorpio Races have made him strong, cold, and fierce. He has one the Scorpio Races year after year and is the guy to beat. He has a deep love for the capall uisce, even though they are very bad. Puck's entrance in the Race shocks him and is the catalyst to many crazy events that will have your heart racing!

I absolutely loved Sean and Puck. Stiefvater lets us into both of their heads, making it easier to identify with both of them. Their personalities are so completely different from each others, but somehow it works. The romance doesn't blossom until well into the story, making it much more believable. The Scorpio Races are insane. The deaths are aplenty and the capall uisce will terrify you. Stiefvater is a master at world building and I can't brag enough about it!

I am in awe of THE SCORPIO RACES. I don't normally like books with as much gritty and scary details, but this one just flat-out blew me away.

My Rating:

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Review: Ditched by Robin Mellom

January 10, 2012

High school senior Justina Griffith was never the girl who dreamed of going to prom. Designer dresses and strappy heels? Not her thing. So she never expected her best friend, Ian Clark, to ask her.
Ian, who always passed her the baseball bat handle first.
Ian, who knew exactly when she needed red licorice.
Ian, who promised her the most amazing night at prom.
And then ditched her.
Now, as the sun rises over her small town, and with only the help of some opinionated ladies at the 7-Eleven, Justina must piece together — stain by stain on her thrift-store dress — exactly how she ended up dateless. A three-legged Chihuahua was involved. Along with a demolition derby-ready Cadillac. And there was that incident at the tattoo parlor. Plus the flying leap from Brian Sontag's moving car...
But to get the whole story, Justina will have to face the boy who ditched her. And discover if losing out at prom can ultimately lead to true love.
Filled with humor, charm, and romance, Ditched: A Love Story by debut novelist Robin Mellom will have readers dreaming of love on their own prom nights.
My Review:
DITCHED is a cute and lively YA debut that had me giggling the whole way through! Justina is a vivacious protagonist that I couldn't help put feel for. The absolute ridiculousness of her situation makes for a hilarious and crazy story that fans of contemporary will love! It isn't at all serious, but it is right up your alley if you want a light and fluffy read.

Justina came off a bit annoying at first, but the more her story continues, the more I understood where she was coming from. She is a bit high maintenance, and reminds me a bit of myself so it was great to see how she handled everything. Her prom night was definitely a night to remember! And the whole Ian thing?! Just WOW. I had no idea what was going on with him and I couldn't wait to find out what was going on with him.

After finishing quite a heavy read, I felt like DITCHED was the perfect way to get over it. You don't have to think so heavily about everything, yet at the same time I was engaged in the story. While I had  a few annoyances here and there, it wasn't so much as to detract from the book. Pick this one up if you are looking for a funny and cute read!

My Rating:

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday (50)

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine

March 6, 2012
NAL Trade

By her wits, blood, and sacrifice, so far Drew has survived the intensive training on the Isle of Night. As a second-year Acari, her ultimate goal is to become a Watcher, and now she has a shot at her first mission. Except nothing is as it seems. The vampire Alcántara is as sinister as he is sexy, Ronan is more distant than ever, and it turns out there are other vampires out there. Bad ones.

Ancient, bloodthirsty, and powerful, these undead are really old school. They’ve captured one of the Watcher vamps and are torturing him for information. The only chance to save him is to infiltrate a major summit the baddies are holding on their own island. There will be mortals there, serving as butlers, maids, and various hired help. Drew had better brush up on her skills as a serving girl, because she’s about to go undercover…

But, when their vampire prisoner turns out to be a gorgeous bad boy, Drew’s first mission quickly turns into more than she bargained for…

Why I'm Excited:
I LOVED the first book, ISLE OF NIGHT, so I am dying to get my hangs on this one.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New YA Book Releases: December 20, 2011

Still Waters by Emma Carlson Berne
Simon Pulse

Hannah can't wait to sneak off for a romantic weekend with her boyfriend, Colin. He’s leaving for college soon, and Hannah wants their trip to the lake house to be one they’ll never forget.
But once Hannah and Colin get there, things start to seem a They can't find the town on any map. The house they are staying in looks as if someone's been living there, even though it's been deserted for years. And Colin doesn’t seem quite himself. As he grows more unstable, Hannah worries about Colin’s dark side, and her own safety.
Nothing is as perfect as it seems, and what lies beneath may haunt her forever.

Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder

Laying hands upon the injured and dying, Avry of Kazan absorbs their wounds and diseases into herself. But rather than being honored for her skills, she is hunted. Healers like Avry are accused of spreading the plague that has decimated the Fifteen Realms, leaving the survivors in a state of chaos.
Stressed and tired from hiding, Avry is abducted by a band of rogues who, shockingly, value her gift above the golden bounty offered for her capture. Their leader, an enigmatic captor-protector with powers of his own, is unequivocal in his demands: Avry must heal a plague-stricken prince—leader of a campaign against her people. As they traverse the daunting Nine Mountains, beset by mercenaries and magical dangers, Avry must decide who is worth healing and what is worth dying for. Because the price of peace may well be her life….

Legacy by Molly Cochran
Simon & Schuster

When her widowed father dumps 16-year-old Katy Jessevar in a boarding school in Whitfield, Massachusetts, she has no idea that fate has just opened the door to both her future and her past. Nearly everyone in Whitfield is a witch, as is Katy herself, although she has struggled all her life to hide her unusual talents. Stuck at a boarding school where her fellow studens seem to despise her, Katy soon discovers that Whitfield is the place where her mother commited suicide under mysterious circumstances when Katy was just a small child. With dark forces converging on Whitfield, it’s up to Katy to unravel her family’s many secrets to save the boy she loves and the town itself from destruction.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Review: Cinder by Marissa Meyer

January 3, 2012
Feiwel and Friends

Humans and androids crowd the raucous streets of New Beijing. A deadly plague ravages the population. From space, a ruthless lunar people watch, waiting to make their move. No one knows that Earth’s fate hinges on one girl. . . .

Cinder, a gifted mechanic, is a cyborg. She’s a second-class citizen with a mysterious past, reviled by her stepmother and blamed for her stepsister’s illness. But when her life becomes intertwined with the handsome Prince Kai’s, she suddenly finds herself at the center of an intergalactic struggle, and a forbidden attraction. Caught between duty and freedom, loyalty and betrayal, she must uncover secrets about her past in order to protect her world’s future.

My Review:
CINDER is a fantastical debut full of shocking twists and intricately woven plot lines. Meyer has created one heck of a story that will have you gasping, throwing things, and reaching for tissues. I wish the next book was in my hands right now because I don't want to say goodbye to this world til the next novel! It is so brilliant and captivating that you won't be able to do anything until you finish.

Cinder is a one-of-a-kind protagonist--a cyborg! She deals with emotional attacks from her step-mother and lives a sad life until the day when everything changes and her world is pulled out from under her. Cinder has been dealt so many hardships and after all of the sad and awful events, I couldn't help but wish for a happy ending for her. But it definitely won't be easy getting there with a few interesting revelations in this novel!

Prince Kai is quite the interesting guy. Part of the story is told from his perspective and I loved getting his insight on the situations. He has so much on his plate and I don't envy him at all. His interactions with Cinder are sweet and hesitant. It is so wonderful having a genuinely nice love interest, not a bad boy for once! Cinder needs someone like Kai and I cannot wait to see what happens to them in future installments.

The new and exciting world that Meyer has woven is also a deadly one. Letumosis ravages the world and there doesn't seem to be a cure in sight! On top of that, the citizens are walking on very uneven tread with the Lunars. The Queen Lavana is quite ruthless and will do anything she can to secure her wishes. All these things make me so happy to be where I am today. I wouldn't want to live in a world like Cinder's, no matter how fascinating it seems.

CINDER is a phenomenal debut that is sure to be a hit! Meyer has done an astounding job crafting each and every aspect in this world and I love her descriptive writing. Don't wait to pick this one up!

My Rating:

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