Monday, September 27, 2010

Surprise Package from Shay

Look what I got in the mail from Shay today! =) More clues!

Can you guys decipher the meaning???

Edited to add:
I think I figured the clues out! Correct me if you think i'm wrong!

Clue 1-
"Alistair became Eira's Chief associate as a young soldier and the most distinguished in her army."

Clue 2-
"Conatus led the keepers to destroy the relics of Cian."


  1. I got mail from him too! Exciting, isn't it? Take a look at the circled words. ;-)

  2. The puzzle-fan in me applauds, but the librarian in me is reaching for a shotgun. Vandalizing a rare-looking book for a promotional stunt? BOO! BOO! KICK HIM OUT OF THE LEAGUE!

  3. Wow!

    Cool but I'm clueless :D


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